Monday, August 31, 2009

Tandem Paddle Boarding Behind a Boat

Stand up paddle boards are very easy to stand on while being pulled behind a boat. Compared to getting out of the water wake boarding or water skiing, paddle surfing with a ski rope is a cinch. Stand on your board and hold the rope while the boat gradually picks up speed. It's that easy.

Of course there can be wakes and waves and other bumps to knock you off your board, but overall, it's a lot easier than you might think. And if you want to be more careful you could kneel or sit on your paddleboard.

The boat we were on didn't go very fast or make much of a wake, so we couldn't let go of the rope and free-ride, nonetheless we made it fun.

In fact, after a few passes around the lake, we were ready for some tricks. Isabella and Judy Shasek teamed up with Al Patterson for some tandem riding. They even made falling fun!!

Note: Board is a Takayama 11'6" and the adult's waist life jackets are the trim and don't get in the way of paddle surf tricks.
Thank you for buying your SUP gear from us, we appreciate your support.

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  1. The key word is fun - and balance! Moving around on the wake is great preparation for real surfing. Gets legs and back in shape. Great blog, Cristina. You should have added one of the beautiful and graceful pictures of yourself