Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Water to Paddle? Have Fun, Get Fit and Improve Your Stand Up Paddle Skills with INDO Board!

We love our Indo Boards!! When you can't get on the water, get an Indo Board and you'll have fun while you get fit and work on your balance skills. The Indo Board is the perfect balance trainer and exercise equipment for most any fun sport like skiing, snowboarding, surfing, stand up paddling, skate boarding and just ordinary fun stuff.

Buy an Indo Board and you'll get a FREE DVD with examples and exercises to get you started and to inspire you. The DVD has footage of surfers on a wave and then shows how to train for that action on the Indo Board. They also feature examples of gym exercises, skate moves and more.

The Indo Original Training Package combines the "Original" model deck, roller and the IndoFLO® Balance cushion. We started with the Indo Original size set. It was perfect for learning the manuevers, and I still regularly use it. When we were ready to learn surf tricks to try on our stand up paddle boards, we got the next size up board, the Indo Pro.

The Indo Pro is a longer board for longboard surfers who want to learn how to cross step, practice their footwork, drop knee turns, spinners, or just hang out on the tip. It's a heavier board with a larger roller that offers a more intensive workout and is ideal for increasing leg strength. This model is ideal for snowboarders and all terrain boarders as well as surfers (or anyone that wants to be a surfer). Our daughter, Isabella is often practicing her cross-stepping on the Indo Pro.

When you're first trying your Indo Board, a good tip is to have a thick shag carpet on hand to slow down the roller when you are beginning. We highly recommend you give the Indo Board a try. It's a great way to stay in-shape off-season or practice your skills when you have a few minutes in your day. I keep one in my office and will practice standing on it during long phone calls.

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