Friday, August 7, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a Great Core Workout and Balance Trainer

Stand up paddle boarding is not only a great core workout, paddleboarding can be a whole body workout. (And not just because you left your Big Board Schlepper at home.)

Bend, Oregon stand up paddlers have used their boards to stretch, strengthen and even keep up with their aerobic workout. Doing these exercises on your paddleboard brings balance into the movement, increasing the benefits of your effort. Exercise on your paddle board and your same workout can give you better results. (And when you build up a sweat, jump in!)

Here are a few fun ideas to workout on your SUP board.

Strength Training on your Stand Up Paddle Board:

Jen, demonstrates a perfect push-up on her stand up board. Take some of the standard strength moves out of the gym and onto your paddle board. You'll be surprised at how much more concentration the exercise requires. Here are some of our favorites: Push-ups, Squats, Lunges.

Stretching and Yoga on your Stand Up Paddle Board:
Judy Shasek demonstrates her yoga pose on Hosmer Lake, near Bend, Oregon, one of the many places to paddle in Central Oregon. Yoga is particularly challenging on a paddle board. The most simple pose takes on new difficulty when you're doing it on the water. It's a great way to freshen your approach to your yoga practice.Aerobic Workout on Your Stand Up Paddle Board:
Flat water paddle boarding is an opportunity to play with your paddle speed, and if you go hard enough, you'll be able to get your heart rate to Zone One, the basic level for endurance aerobic training. For many of us more mature paddlers, that can be a pulse rate base number somewhere between 110 to 125. If you're not used to checking your pulse (a hassle to do while paddling), wear a heart monitor until you are familiar with how it feels to be in Zone One while paddling. Here's a photo of Jack Gillen, owner of Wave Chi demonstrating his powerful aerobic paddling technique. Randall of Stand Up Paddle Flatwater has taken Jack's fitness advice into practice and has had great results keeping his aerobic fitness without running or doing other types of typical aerobic exercise.
You'll want a stable board for your stand up paddleboard exercise practice, such as a Laird, Amundson Aquaglide, or one of the other stable flat water friendly boards we sell. Be sure to check out our site. Talk to Randall at 541-389-4547 and he'll sell you the board that's best for you.
Thank you for buying your SUP gear from us, we appreciate your support.


  1. "powerful" may be a bit understated. Did Jack snap that paddle moments after the picture was taken? :)

    Like your blog! Thanks for getting inland SUP out there and known!

  2. Indo Boarding or Indoors Surfing is the good way to boost one’s athleticism by optimizing core strength and providing cardiovascular endurance. This workout demands dynamic bursts of energy needed to constantly pump the legs, upper body for peddling thus working on the all the muscles. It is a complete mind-body workout. It has many health benefits for upper and lower body.

  3. I posted a free e-book download of a core conditioning guide for Stand Up Paddle. You can download it FREE at . It has 3 different programs for beginner, intermediate,and advanced SUP'ers - 9 programs total. You guys will enjoy it, especially in the winter to get you ready for next season!
    Cheers- Jon