What Length SUP Paddle Do I Need?

As a general rule, add 8 inches to your overall height (or throw a shaka overhead).

The chart below is based on 8 inches. We provide a range because, depending on technique, board, water conditions, and the type of paddling you intend to do, you might prefer a slightly different measurement. 

For surf, we recommend 6-8". For flat water, 8-10". For racing 10-12".

Keep this quote from Dave Chun in mind:

"Heck, half of our team riders don't even know how long their paddle is.  My thoughts on paddle sizing are based on my shoe buying method.  I never listen to the shoe salesman, the shoes are on my feet so how would he know how they fit?" 

Surf Paddle Sizing Information:
Your HeightPaddle Length
5’0”-5’2” 68"-70”
5’2”-5’4” 70"-72”
5’4”-5’6” 72"-74"
5’6”-5’8” 74"-76"
5'8"-5'10" 76"-78"
5'10"-6'0" 78"-80"
6’0”-6’2” 80"-82"
6’2”-6’4” 82"-84"
6'4"-6'6" 84"-86"