Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sixty "Shasek Style" is the New Forty

Who has time for stand up paddle board racing, SUP surfing, hiking, biking, traveling, exploring, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, inventing, whipping up wonderful parties, sailing, marketing, being an entrepreneur, best-grandma-ever, wife and friend?

Judy Shasek, does all of these things and does them well. And this year, everyone that knows Judy from around the country is part of her birthday celebration, including the readers of Bend's alternative newspaper, The Source Weekly.

Judy is celebrating her sixtieth birthday year 2009 with a bucket list of adventures and a blue tote bag she holds for the camera for at least one photo documenting each adventure she pursues this year.

Stand up paddle surfing this summer in Tofino, Canada, in this photo Judy is about to change paddle hands and do a drop-knee cutback. We love this girl!!! We can hardly wait to see how Judy redefines seventy!

Note: Judy is on a Amundson Aquaglide 11'3". This stand up paddleboard has great trim for surfing and isn't bad on flatwater paddles. Judy came in 2nd (first on a surfboard style board) at the 2009 Tahoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Race at Lake Tahoe, California last weekend in her age group - 60 and up!

Group Photo: The Bend, Oregon, Stand Up Paddle Flatwater crew after the 2009 Tahoe Nalu race. Judy has her blue tote bag along with bragging rights for coming in 2nd for women age 60 and up. L-R: Randall Barna, Isabella Barna, Judy Shasek, Cristina Acosta, Ed Shasek
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