Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Choose a Surf Paddle

We believe Kialoa makes the best surf paddles on the planet. But how do you pick which one is best for you?

We recommend the Methane for most men, the Shaka Pu’u for surfers who have a lot of upper body strength, and the Pipes for women and some male performance surfers. Here's why:

The Methane's narrow design and featherweight construction allow for high cadence, fast acceleration, and swift paddle placement in critical sections of the surf. Kialoa’s unidirectional Ergo-T design handle fits comfortably in your palm and provides excellent blade control. If you need to whip the paddle behind you or to the opposite side of your board, you’ll be able to put it there in the blink of an eye.
Kialoa Methane Surf Paddle

Compared to other paddles on the market, the diameter of the shaft is smaller but a slimmer shaft doesn’t mean a weaker paddle. The 21 ounce Methane has an extremely high strength to weight ratio.

The Methane is the result of extensive product testing. It’s the choice of many top stand-up surfers on the water today.

Specs -
100% Carbon Fiber
Surface Area: 97 sq in
Blade Width: 8"
Blade Length: 16.5"
Weight: 21oz

Check out the Methane in action:

If you're a big, strong dude with a lot of upper body strength, you may prefer the Shaka Pu'u to the Methane. The blade has 100 square inches of surface area and provides more power than the Methane.

Kialoa Shaka Pu'u
The Shaka Pu'u was inspired by Mel Pu'u, a Makaha lifeguard and stand up paddler, who says, "The comfortable oval shaft allows for a light, relaxed grip. When you want the extra power you've got it - and when you want to up the RPMs, you can adjust by burying less of the blade. It gives you the ability to spin and move quickly in critical situations." 

Elite athlete Chuck Patterson says the Methane "has the best blade I've ever used for surfing. It allows for super-fast paddling and it's great in bottom turns. Leaning on the blade is really smooth."

Specs - 
100% Carbon Fiber
Surface Area: 100 sq in
Blade Width: 8 5/8"
Blade Length: 16 1/2"
Weight:  22 oz

Here's a video of Kialoa's Dave Chun talking about the Shaka Pu'u.

The Kialoa Pipes is light, lithe, quick, POWERFUL, and beautiful. It's awesome for women in all conditions and also great for male performance surfers.

Don’t let the tiny surface area fool you, the precisely contoured blade cuts ultra-smoothly through water yet still has enough power to get you into those late takeoffs.

No wobble at all, even when you really step on the gas and push it hard. Entering, moving through, and exiting the water feels almost effortless.

Kialoa Pipes 
Once on a wave, the Kialoa Pipes really excels. It’s more agile than any paddle we’ve come across. You can manipulate it quickly and easily. It has plenty of surface area to turn the board when you need to yet it's so nimble and light (560 grams), it almost feels like an extension of your arm.
The T-shaped handle is very comfortable and provides excellent blade control. The thin, oval-shaped shaft is also very nice to grip.

Specs - 
100% Carbon Fiber
Surface Area: 87 in²
Blade Width: 7 3/8"
Blade Length: 16 ½"
Weight: 21 oz
Made in the U.S.A.

The Pipes in action:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We love talking paddles almost as much as we love talking boards.
We're very proud to carry the complete line of Kialoa stand up paddles, including the  exciting new entry level price-point Ikaika collection. We also offer sweet Kialoa stickers, T-shirts, paddle covers, and more. Check out our complete Kialoa lineup now.

Stand Up Paddle Board Ding Repair How-To

Hi Randall,

I've been enjoying that Hobie 12' ATR, for both surfing and flatwater, but last weekend while I had my board sitting on the grass, a gust of wind picked it up and threw it down on some rocks... ouch! There're a bunch of dings on it through the outer shell where I can almost see the softer stuff underneath. I've been reading all kinds of stuff on the Internet, but was wondering what you recommend as far as fixing it up. I don't care too much for aesthetics, but I want to make sure that the board is structurally sound and won't take on water. Any recommendations?

Thanks and happy holidays,

Hi Lance,

These dings are totally repairable and your Hobie will be as solid as ever. The core that’s visible just beneath the fiberglass is closed-cell and O.K. with a bit of water exposure. Still, make sure it's dry before patching.

Use a razor knife to cut away any glass that's loose. You need to actually enlarge the splits in the glass so you can get some repair resin in there and fill the hole. Also rough-sand the glass around the ding to recess for your repair build-up and so that the resin will stick. My favorite repair resin is Marine-Tex. It’s very available at marine shops or even the marine section or epoxy section of a hardware store. Marine-Tex is epoxy and white pigmented so color touch-up paint covers it well.

Mix the Marine-Tex at a 5 to 1 ratio (5 parts epoxy resin to 1 part hardener). Estimate the best you can but it's not too finicky. I use a rasp file to take down the initial build-up.  Then sand with wet sand paper at 220 then 320, 400 and finally 600.  For color, I use the auto touch-up paint that comes in the small bottles with a brush inside.

Randall Barna

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Christmas Cards
Available Online & In-Store!

Find Stand Up Paddle Christmas Cards and
Much More at
Always on a mission to provide you with more ways to have fun with SUP, we're stoked to present a selection of SUP Christmas cards that feature Santa Claus himself stand up paddling on the beautiful Deschutes River with Bend's most famous landmark, Mt. Bachelor, in the background.

We hope you'll have lots of fun using these top-quality cards to share your love of SUP with friends and family this holiday season!

In case you’re wondering, Santa’s board of choice is a 14 foot red Joe Bark Expedition by Surftech – also available at Stand Up Paddle Flatwater.

Remember, orders over $30 ship free through December!

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Stand Up Paddle Clothing Collection Added To Lineup

We’re stoked to announce the addition of the Premiere Paddle Surf clothing line to our comprehensive range of SUP offerings.

Each design has a classic yet current feel - the result of ardent research by the Premiere Paddle Surf design team, headed by Sean Cook, who is a stand up paddler himself.

In search of visuals that would resonate with SUP enthusiasts, the team gained access to archived photographs of early watermen like Duke Kahanamoku and spent hours pouring over books at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente, California. They also sought inspiration from their everyday surroundings to give the designs a fresh, exciting, up-to-the-minute quality. “We incorporated images we see every time we’re on the water - like paddlers backlit by the sun,” says Cook. For further refinement, prominent stand up paddle athletes were invited to offer feedback.

The outcome is a definitive SUP clothing line for men and women that includes T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more.

Special Limited Time Introductory Offer:

 Enter code INTROPPS at checkout for a 15% limited time only introductory discount on the Premiere Paddle Surf clothing line at Stand Up Paddle Flatwater.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Surfing on the Oregon Coast

Dave Eveland Surfing at Otter Rock
With the first few in-town snowfalls of the season and winter well on its way, Bend’s snowboarders (Chip included) are filled with glee that they’ll be carving the big white wave of Mt. Bachelor very soon. However, for a few hardcore Oregonians the approach of winter also generates excitement about another, wetter board sport.

“Winter swells on the Oregon coast can be huge with 20' and larger not uncommon,” says Stand Up Paddle Flatwater founder Randall Barna. “It can be pretty dangerous,” says Central Oregon Community College Surf Club president Shelby Merrick. “I don’t recommend it for people who are new to surfing.”

For some though, these conditions are a huge attraction. Take my friend, Dave Eveland (who is a phenomenal personal trainer by the way). Dave relished the “thumping” he received in the “violent mess” of surf at Otter Rock last weekend.  For Dave, winter means ”smaller crowds, bigger waves.” And those aren’t the only positives. “Winter storms have surprisingly mild temperatures while summer winds are surprisingly cold,” says Randall. “Surf spots protected from south winds become favored, the opposite of the summer spots.”

Stand up surfing is fantastic for the infamously chilly Oregon waters, primarily because it's warmer being up out of the water. Randall also points out that “the paddle-out can be longer and more arduous on big winter swells. On a stand up board, you can get out quicker, catch waves earlier, and even catch waves that are in that window between paddle-in and tow-in.”

Many SUP converts say stand up surfing is even more fun than regular surfing. “To me, surfing stand up is the funnest thing I’ve ever done,” says longtime surfer and SUPBend team rider Tom Burke. “It’s the visuals, seeing everything in the water below you. Also, once you develop the skill to stay standing between waves, it’s a more constant experience.” In case you’re wondering, Tom’s personal record for continuous surfing without falling off or sitting or lying down on his board, is 32 waves.

Listen to Gerry Lopez and Laird Hamilton talk about the coolness of the non-stop stand up surfing experience:

For those who want to try stand up paddle (SUP) surfing, Stand Up Paddle Bend offers a wide range of SUP surfboards for both purchase and rental. 

Stand Up Paddle Bend is also a great place for surfers to pick up staples like wax, earplugs, and booties here in town. “When I get to the coast, I want to maximize wave-time, not spend it buying stuff, so being able to pick up what I need before I go is super-convenient,” says Shelby. “Also, if I already have everything I need, I’m open to go somewhere where there might not be a shop.”

A tip from Randall: "I recommend a slightly bigger board for Oregon surf than you'd use in non-wetsuit conditions. You weigh more with a wet-wetsuit - easily 30 pounds. Also, with a bigger board you fall in less."

For more information about surfing the Oregon Coast, visit the Oregon Surf Guide.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Fantastic SUP Community!
Please be sure to check out our Stand Up Paddle Gift Guide
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We love hearing from you. Why do you like stand up surfing? If you were a prone surfer before, were you skeptical about SUP at first? What won you over? Any Oregon winter surf stories to share?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Surf Contest: Randall’s Recap

The 6th Annual Nelcott Reef Big Wave Classic took place on Tuesday, November 2nd in Lincoln City, Oregon. For the second year, it was a paddle-in event rather than a tow-in event. For the first year, it included a women’s division - the first women's big wave event. One of the stops on the Big Wave World Tour, this year’s event was held in the biggest conditions ever surfed at Nelscott Reef. Waves were 40 foot plus! Kohl Christensen took first place in the men’s division, and Kealla Kennelly won the women’s division.

Randall’s Recap

Yesterday I saw the raw power of nature like never before. The Nelscott Reef 2010 big wave event erupted the biggest waves ever surfed in Oregon. Ron Hill and I got there just as they were launching the first sleds and it was pandemonium. The surge was so high it was picking up those logs that are left up top of the sand (since the last huge storm) and pushing them all around the beach like toothpicks.

The guys in the first sled to go out were very brave and garnered a new level of respect as watermen and sled operators. The walls of whitewater were so high and there were so few opportunities to get out that watching the sleds was as interesting as watching the surfing.

The waves were 40’+ and indescribable. The weather was perfect and comfortable in T-shirts. Light offshore winds made a spindrift off the top of the waves that was as high as the waves were tall. When the break exploded, it was as high as both!

Once the surfers were out there they paddled in to catch the waves. We were amazed that they managed to do this, the skill level unreal! Most of the drops were totally vertical. Positioning and wave selection were critical. Fewer waves were ridden than in a tow-in contest but each ride got more respect. Most of the boards where rhino-guns 10' to 11' with big, thick stringers and multiple fin combinations.

The peak to the south of the contest zone was A-frame and even bigger. Several non-contest tow-in crews were working it and also put on a good show.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to witness such an epic day!


Randall Barna

Check out this video of Big Wave World Tour Director Gary Linden talking about the Nelscott Reef Event:

Stand Up Paddle Flatwater carries the best stand up paddle surfboards on the market!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kids Take Up Stand Up!

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is becoming the sport of choice for a rapidly growing number of kids and teens. Not only does SUP help young people develop strength, balance, coordination, and water skills, it’s also an increasingly lucrative competitive sport. 15-year-old Slater Trout took home $2500 in prize money for placing third in the elite race at this year’s Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point, California. Industry insiders predict that SUP will soon become an Olympic sport.

The most appealing aspect of SUP for kids however, is the fun factor. “My favorite thing is when the water is like glass and you can see things underneath you,” says 10-year old Grace Towle who paddles regularly in California's San Francisco Bay. Towle also appreciates the cross training value of SUP. “It helps me develop arm and belly strength,” she says. “I can use those in swimming, rock climbing, and horseback riding.”

7-year old Amanda Kardol who paddles regularly in the Columbia Gorge enjoys being able to spend time on the water without coming in contact with river reeds, which she isn’t a fan of. “I feel safe on my board. I can float all alone up there without touching the green stuff,” she says. Amanda’s 5-year old sister Olivia hasn’t started stand up paddling herself but says she loves riding along on the nose of her mom's board.

Stand Up Paddle Flatwater carries several great kids' SUP boards. Any little SUPer would be thrilled to find one under the tree this year!

Besides Stand Up Paddle Journal Junior of the Year Slater Trout, other up and coming SUPer stars include:

17-year old Zane Schweitzer of Maui, a windsurfer who has finished impressively in several international SUP surf and race events.

15-year old Connor Baxter, also of Maui, winner of the 2010 Duke Kahanamoku OceanFest.

17-year old Kai Lenny, winner of the 2010 Stand Up World Tour.

12-year old Riggs Napoleon, the youngest person to cross the Molokai channel on a stand up paddle board (or any non-motorized watercraft).

17-year old Kialoa team rider Bobbie Cooper of Britain.

17-year old SUPBend team rider Isabella Barna who consistently finishes among the top in Pacific Northwest SUP events.

Check out this video of prominent young British SUP athlete Bobbie Cooper with her Kialoa Pipes Paddle:

Check out this video of Riggs Napoleon, mid-way through the 2010 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddle Race:

To help your child develop balance, strength, coordination and water skills through SUP, check out Stand Up Paddle Flatwater's excellent ramge of kids' stand up paddle boards.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Attending the World Series on a Stand Up Paddle Board!

With ticket prices for the first two games in the World Series at AT&T Park in San Francisco costing upwards of $400, fans are coming up with inventive ways to get close to the action... We like this one!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Stand Up Paddling Provides Landlocked Surfers a Temporary Fix

A couple of weekends ago Stand Up Paddle Flatwater introduced members of Central Oregon Community College’s newly formed surf club to stand up paddling on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon. All participants agreed that, although less intense, flatwater SUP provides a connection to nature akin to that experienced surfing.

“It’s like you’re walking on water,” says club president Shelby Merrick. “The world of deadlines and trivial concerns that our society amplifies -- being out on the water removes you from all that.”

Stand Up Paddle Flatwater will support the COCC Surf Club by providing discounts to members. The shop is also a place for surfers to pick up gear they’ll need when they do get to go surfing like booties, ear plugs, and wax.


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Danny Ching Stand Up Paddle Technique DVD Review

We’re receiving tons of positive feedback about the Danny Ching DVD (Mastering Stand Up Paddle Technique with Danny Ching)! Although the instructional portion isn’t that long, it’s high on killer and fairly low on filler. Even experienced SUPers report shaving minutes off their times after just one viewing… which isn’t surprising considering they’re employing tips from a dude who not only won both Battles of the Paddle and the Ta-hoe Nalu race this year, he’s also an OC-1 world champion, the first non-Hawaiian to win the 32-mile Molokai to Oahu race, and a former member of the US Olympic kayak team. He spends a minimum of 4 hours in the water 360 days of the year and grew up surfing in Redondo Beach. Oh, and his father founded California’s largest outrigger canoe club. Yup, if he’s willing to share his technique, I’m in. Everyone who’s bought the DVD says it’s way worth the money.

We like the interview with shaper Ron House that’s included as a bonus feature. In it, he mentions that race boards are great for cruising and needn’t be looked at as a competitor-only item. He says if you’re not doing much surfing, a race board is a better choice than a surf/all around board. We second that! The rocker that’s a primary feature in most surf-optimized boards is unnecessary on flat water where maneuverability is much less of a priority than it is on a wave. On flat water, excessive rocker just slows you down. Who wants to push water?

Click here to buy the Danny Ching DVD now.
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Here’s the Ron House interview if you want to check it out…

And here's the full Danny Ching Stand Up Paddle DVD Trailer....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Surftech Blacktip Now Available Online and In Store... $749 out the door with a paddle and a leash!

We searched high and low for a stand up paddle board in the $700 range we’d feel comfortable selling… and we finally found one.

Surftech Blacktip is a great intro board. It performs well. It’s super-durable. And most importantly, it’s extremely affordable - $749 out the door with a paddle and a leash!

The Blacktip is a board we can feel good about selling… and you can feel good about buying. Here’s why:

  • It’s manufactured by Surftech, a company known for its fine craftsmanship, revolutionary construction methods, and overall commitment to excellence.

  • It has a stiff core and three stringers to prevent the buckling and flexing that's a big problem with other soft boards.

  • With its damage-resistant bumpers and water-barrier seal, the Blacktip is ultra-durable.

  • The thoughtfully designed shape delivers very good stability and speed for the price.

  • The strength and durability factor make it a fantastic choice for the rapidly growing number of whitewater SUPers.

  • With its smooth nose rocker, the Blacktip is a blast in small surf.

  • It’s great for kids – very difficult to damage.

  • It’s nice to have on hand for family and friends.

  • It’s super-light and very easy to transport. 

We’re thrilled that Surftech has released a quality board at such a friendly price point! Come on in and check it out. Or buy the Surftech Blacktip now at our secure online store. Free shipping. No sales tax.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Access Network’s Fall Harvest at Anjou Spa on Thursday!

Please join us on Thursday for a special family-friendly evening promoting art, music, and well-being. All proceeds benefit Family Access Network (FAN)!

Hosted by the wonderful Anjou Spa and Salon, the Fall Harvest will feature:

delicious hors d’oeurvres and a no host bar by Typhoon!

work by local artists Sarah Mikolowsky, Kaycee Anseth, and K. Cyr

music by DJ Lucius

coupons from Stand Up Paddle Bend

much more.

All attendees will receive a $10 gift card to Anjou and be entered into a raffle for prizes donated by CHOW, Angelina Organic Skincare, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, Stand Up Paddle Bend, and other great local businesses. You need not be present to claim your prize, which means even if you can't make it to the event you can still win something great! Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door – available at Anjou, Typhoon! and Bo Restobar. Ask about group rates.

FAN is a network of community partners dedicated to ensuring that all children in Deschutes County have access to basic-need services so that they can attend school ready to learn. FAN is unique in Oregon in that it provides Family Advocates in all Deschutes County Public Schools.

What: Fall Harvest for Family Access Network

Where: Anjou Spa and Salon, 225 NW Oregon Ave, Suite 3

When: Thursday, October 7th, 6:00p.m. - 9:30p.m.

Why: a great cause, wonderful food and drink, a chance to win awesome prizes from fantastic Bend businesses!

Contact: Anjou Spa, 541.382.1138.

Click here for more info.