Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Race Event: Tahoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Race - Bend, Oregon Award Winner!

The Tahoe Nalu stand up paddle seven mile race event this past weekend on Lake Tahoe, California was fantastic! There were 188 boards on the starting line for the mass start. The chop created by that many paddlers as they churned over the start line was enough to make the start more challenging that expected.

This inland flat water SUP paddle race truly was a trend-setting event and great experience. Two Oregonians were called up for trophies, Karen Wren from Portland, Oregon was second in the open race-board class and Isabella Barna of Bend, Oregon, (wearing the pink rash guard in the race photo) was first in the stock surfboard class. Good job!

Our local Bend, Oregon paddle company, Kialoa Paddle owners Dave and Meg Chun, had a booth on the beach at the Tahoe Nalu race event with examples of their gorgeous carbon fiber stand up paddle line. All of the Bend, Oregon stand up paddle racers were using Kialoa paddles during the race event. Thanks Dave Chun!!!

The race conditions were good with a very light, warm wind. The race started at 9:30 AM. The top winners were in at 57 minutes and our paddlers ranged from about 1:27 to 1:36. There was a lunch and a paddle shirt included in the race fee as well as some very lucky raffle tickets that won most of our group some awesome gifts. (You are lookin' good in those glasses, Eddie!!)

We highly recommend you give this paddleboard race a try -- it was a lot of fun and really worth the trip.

Photo: L-R Judy Shasek age 60 (2nd in women, stock boards age 60-70); Isabella Barna, age 15 (1st in women's stock surf boards); Randall Barna, age 59; Cristina Acosta age 49 (3rd in women's age group 40-49, stock surf board); Ed Shasek, age 59.
Get your race gear at, and remember to bring a life jacket if you're going to be doing any other paddling on Lake Tahoe as it's required. We appreciate your support! Thanks!

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