Monday, August 10, 2009

NEW! Stable, Performance SUP Paddleboard with Hobie Engineering

This board is magic! The Hobie company started with the founder Mr. Hobie Alter shaping surfboards around fifty years ago. Since then the brand, Hobie has become synonymous with high performance, nature or personal powered watercraft.

 The Hobie 12' ATR is the leader in the 12' all-around board category. Extensive design knowledge and history of the legendary Hobie longboards are behind the engineering of this Hobie SUP board. It glides effortlessly on distance outings and has tie-downs to carry a bag or cooler on your deck. It is even suitable for stock class racing.

The Hobie 12' is very stable and predictable while it delivers high performance maneuvers such as pivot turns and surfing waves. This is a premium board with a beautiful gloss finish on the top and a matte "speed" finish on the bottom. The VERY comfy deck pad is included with the board. You'll be proud to own this board and will cherish it for years.

Hobie 12' ATR Gloss Stand Up Paddleboard Specs:

12' long, 29.5" wide, 4.75" thick, volume 210 L,
Deck Pad has soft section for the feet.
Convenient slot carry handle.
Tie-down inserts on the deck of the paddle board at the front and back to carry essentials.

Buy the Hobie 12' ATR Gloss Stand Up Paddleboard from us at Stand Up Paddle Flatwater. We'll help you choose the perfect stand up paddle and any other paddle board gear you need for your next SUP adventure.

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  1. I paddled the 12' ATR last week out on an open lake for 2 hours. The board handled great in the severe chop I was paddling in. Chop to the sides, front and back. Didn't matter, the board is very stable.
    When I paddled really hard I was averaging 5.1 mph as gauged on gps. At a steady paddle I was averaging 3.3 pmh. Good performance.
    I definately would recommend this board.