Thursday, May 7, 2009

SUP Windsurf Crossover Boards

Here's the deal about SUP Windsurf Crossover boards. Stand up and windsurfing are two entirely different sports. Windsurfing is very technical, and compared to SUP paddle boarding, very difficult to learn. You can learn to stand up paddle board in about 20 minutes. Becoming comfortable on a windsurf board may take an entire summer. To become an accomplished all around windsurfer can take years.

stand up paddle boards are designed to be windsurfed. You'll know that they are windsurfer SUP crossovers because you'll see a mast track on the center of the deck. It'll look like a 10"-12" slit.
Experienced windsurfers that want to SUP on both flat water and surf along with windsurfing their SUP board will find that Amundson Aquaglide paddle board is perfect for certain conditions:

  • Small wave SUP surfing (head-high and below)
  • When the winds are too strong for SUP.
  • When the winds get really high you need to be on a short board. The window that these WIndsurf SUP crossover boards work is between approximately 8 to 18 mph.
  • The SUP windsurf crossover boards on a lake are good for close reaches, beam reaches and broad reaches.
  • Amundson Aquaglide SUP boards are great in surf.
When you purchase a stand up paddle board from Randall he will guide you to the gear that suits your needs.
PHOTO: Randall rippin' it up on the Pacifico Mistral on Lake Yellowstone, in Mary's Bay.


  1. I agree with this post. Paddle Surf Warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA carries these boards and have to say for both paddle boarding and windsurfing you cant go wrong .

  2. Man, there's a big stink going on at Ala Moana park between the stand-ups and the swimmers. I think they're going to designate certain areas for each faction.