Saturday, May 9, 2009

Places to Paddle: 70 Miles from Bend, Oregon - Crescent Lake

Paddling Season: Spring, Summer, Late


About one and a half hours south of Bend about on Hwy. 58.

This lake has a ton of beach! The water is used for irrigation so late summer the water is down about 15'. Practically, that just means that there is more beach! You can get some distance stand-up paddling on this lake. It covers 4,008 acres and ranges from shallow to 258' deep. There is a lodge, camping and private homes on the lake. It's close to the tiny town of Crescent where you can stock up on picnic supplies.

In 1993 someone caught a 30 pound trout out of this lake. It's been awhile, so by now there must be a few more big trout. If you decide to try trolling off the back of your SUP, send us a photo.

Photos of Gunner Oliphant and Cole Ortega doubling up on the board.

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  1. Crescent Lake is great. The water is quite cold, though. It's best to go a little later in the summer when the outside temps are high and the water has warmed as much as it's going to (which isn't much).

    Also, it's just far enough away to not be quite as crowded as some of the others. It's twin neighbor, Odell, is nice too.