Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fin Hits Rocks in Shallow Water

Hi - I normally SUP surf on Long Island, but also flatwater SUP on the Hudson River. This morning I took my stand up board to a local creek, but found that it was too shallow for my fin. Do you sell very shallow (short) fins? Or can you tell me how an SUP handles in flat water with no fin?
Interested in your thoughts.
Great to hear that Bend is a SUP meca. I lived in Vida, OR when I was a kid and went to Three Sisters, lava house, etc... love it up there.


Hi Mark,
The smaller the SUP fin the less tracking you will have. That's OK for maneuverability but not for going straight. If we're expecting to hit bottom a lot, we use the Super Flex Fin on our accessories page for $56. It's 9" and is also available in a 7" on special order for $52. Hitting rocks is no-problem with this fin, you'll barely notice.

Aloha, Randall Barna

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