Friday, May 1, 2009

Places to Paddle: 48 Miles from Bend, Oregon, Cultus Lake



Cultus Lake: On the Cascade Lake Highway, Elev. 4,668

Paddling Season: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

Forty eight miles from Bend, Cultus is a good size lake (792 surface acres) with a mix of watercraft. Eighty to over 200' in depth, the water is cool and clear. In the morning it is often mirror smooth. There is not a lot of beach, so you may have to crowd in, especially at the beginning of the summer when the water level is high due to snow melt.

Fishers in powerboats and wake boarders stay to the middle of the lake and paddlers hug the shoreline. Most afternoons the winds pickup and windsurfers rig up. There is a little lodge with a restaurant and cabins and lots of camping. This is a favorite lake to stand up paddle surf behind a boat.

Photos: Gerry Lopez and Dennis Oliphant catching the endless inland wave from Dennis' boat.

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