Tuesday, May 26, 2009

35 Mile Paddle from Pringle Falls to Benham Falls.

This weekend, May 30, 2009 several of us are talking about meeting and doing this 35 mile stand up paddle down the Deschutes River about a 30 minute drive south of Bend, Oregon. This is a buddy-system type of event. No one is in charge or responsible, (Just like many of our other events!) Anyone is welcome to paddle this stretch of the Deschutes river. This is not a paddle boarding adventure for the in-experienced or out-of-shape. You need to have developed some endurance. Even though it's a downstream paddle, you'll be standing a long time. Carry your own snacks and water and have an emergency plan if you think you need one.

It would be great if we had a volunteer to ferry our lunches and act as a sag wagon. If anybody wants to do that, let Randall know and he'll tell you the approximate times. His office number is 389-4547.

There are three take-out points along the way if you bonk or want to do only a portion of the paddle boarding trip.
The take-outs are: Lapine State Park, Big River Campground, and Harper Bridge.

35 Mile Stand Up Paddle from Pringle Falls to Benham Falls on the Deschutes River, Oregon.
  • Date: May 30, 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time: Meet at Benham falls takeout (Lava Lands turn-off from Hwy. 97) at 7:00 AM. to car-pool shuttle cars.
  • Departure time: At Pringle falls 8:00 "ish" am
  • Downriver paddle time: Expected to be 6-8 hours including breaks.
  • First stretch- Pringle Falls to La Pine State Park 7.5 miles
  • Second stretch- LaPine State Park to Big River 9.75 miles Stop here for Lunch
  • Third Stretch- Big River to Harper Bridge 7.75 miles
  • Fourth Stretch- Harper Bridge to Benham Falls takeout 9.5 miles
If you need a life jacket (now required), rubber edged safety fin (nice if you hit a rock) or tie-downs for your SUP (to stow gear), or a waterproof map of the Deschutes River Trail, check out our website, or call Randall at 541-388-5157 and arrange a time to pick up what you need for the paddle trip.

Note: Photo is of last years 10 mile Benham Falls trip. What a blast! Hope to see you there!

Purchase your stand up paddleboard gear from us at www.StandUpPaddleFlatwater.com
We appreciate your support. Thanks!


  1. sounds like a great time - we kayaked from here to Harper and it took us almost 8 hours.... but that was later in the year - don't forget about Thethdrow Log Jam(spelling may be wrong)

    beautiful trip though

  2. SUP paddle boards are easy to portage around river obstacles. (Especially when the board has a handle.) When we portaged around the log jam last summer we were mobbed by mosquitos (which didn't bother us while we were on the river). Cristina brought bug spray which got us through.