Monday, July 27, 2009

Odell Lake Pioneer Cup Paddle Race 2009 Winners

This years' 29th Annual Pioneer Cup Paddle Race 2009 on Odell Lake, Oregon was a success! Originally a 5 mile downwind canoe race, this year there were only two canoes out of the 32 vessels entered. This paddle race at Odell Lake, Oregon is fun for kayak surf skis, traditional kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards and outriggers. This year there were two of the new type of craft by Hobie with the Hobie Mirage Drive.

Despite the U.S. Forest Service warning about the lake algae, the paddle race went off without a hitch. John Milandin (the race organizer) offered himself as a guinea pig telling the racers that the prior evening he'd bathed his arms and face in the lake water and survived unscathed. One guy observed that John even looks younger after his lake water treatment!

Special thanks to John and Janet Milandin and their grand daughter Darby Sullivan for organizing the event. Thanks to the two Odell Lake lodges that offer support: Odell Lake Lodge on the East end (rustic log lodge hotel with restaurant) on the downwind side of the lake and Shelter Cove at the West end (RV and tent camping with a little store).

Odell Lake Lodge hosted the post-race BBQ on their deck. A yummy fresh potato salad helped the racers pile back on any lost carbs from the exertion. Thanks also to Ryan Lewis the chef and Bill Meyers the race timer.

Here's a list of winners: There were no gender or age groups -- just classes based on the vessel.

1st OVERALL: Tinh Vu 36:55 (all of the top three winners were on surf-ski style kayaks)
2nd OVERALL: Pam Stevenson 41:10
3rd OVERALL: Patrick Erwert 41:10 (apparently, Ladies are "first"in the Pioneer Cup!)

Erick Scharffenberg and Del Scharffenberg 41:55 canoe
Doug Gomez and Martin Gyorgufalyf 41:60 kayak tandem
Jason Tedrow 44:00 outrigger
David Smullin 44:30 kayak
Ron Taylor 44:44 kayak
John Kelly 45:30 kayak
Bard Kraler and Joe Quang 45:33 canoe
Peter Miller 46:36 outrigger
Lisa Jakubowski 47:14 kayak
Michael Heare 47:40 kayak
Chuck Tucker 49:51 kayak
Paul Reznick 49:53 kayak
Ken Briegleb 52:37 kayak
Mary Parker and Bino Fowler 53:04 Kayak tandem
Rachel Mavis 53:42 Kayak
Celine Godin and RObert Oborne 54:39 Kayak tandem
Kerie Raymond 55:36 outrigger
Todd Whitby 55:44 kayak
Regan Ertle 56:24 kayak
Thomas Dean 56:51 SUP
Randall Barna 57:25 SUP
Tim Kerns 1:03:52 Kayak
Suzie Miller 1:4:14 SUP
Isabella Acosta Barna 1:04:28 SUP
Dennis Oliphant 1:04:28 SUP
Debbie Delateur 1:05:52 Kayak
Nancy Jumper 1:07:39 kayak
Bob "Captain Sawdust" Jumper 1:08:13 SUP
Hannah Olson 1:08:15 SUP
Cristina Acosta 1:08:57 SUP (Winner of the overall memorable (but not coveted) Sightseer Award!)

The Pioneer Cup Paddle Race at Odell Lake is so much fun. It's always on the fourth Saturday of July, so mark your calendars accordingly. Read more about past Odell Lake Pioneer Cup Paddle Races with information about where to camp and stay.

Do you want good stand up paddle gear for the race? Remember life jackets are now required for stand up paddle boards that are not in surf zones. Get your comfy life jacket at our on-line store.


  1. Just to tell you. You have Ron Taylor and John Kelly mixed up. Ron finished ahead of John. Ron is in the red kayak. John is in the Yellow kayak. Ron wore #85. John wore # 58. Scoring mixed up the bib #'s

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the error. I changed their order of finish and switched the times. This should be correct now.

  3. Hey Christina thinks for doing this! You have my name as Rachel Mauls? and it is Rachel Mavis..

  4. Thanks Rachel. I fixed the spelling of your name.
    Hope to see you racing next year - Cristina