Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amundson Stand Up Paddle Board Rocks Surf and Flatwater

Judy Shasek loves her new Amundson Aquaglide 11'3" SUP paddle board. Here's a photo of her rippin' down a wave at Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda, Oregon.

The Amundson is a sweet paddleboard. Thin rails carve in waves and make this SUP board easier to handle from your car to the beach. Fast in flatwater, great in ocean waves, picks up wind-driven lake waves. Fiberglass construction is tough. The Amundson is a great all around paddleboard for anyone weighing under 170 pounds.

The soft deck of the Amundson paddleboard saves you the cost of deck pads. If windsurfing is your thing, you can attach a rig in the center slot of the Amundson paddle board and have another way to play! The Amundson Aquaglide is a favorite SUP paddleboard because it's easy to handle both off and on the water. Thank you John Amundson for shaping such a great stand up paddle board.

FREE SHIPPING AND NO TAX IN OREGON Aquaglide Amundson length: 11'3" width: 29.5" weight 27" volume 180L. Compare this board with the Laird Gloss 11' 6" and the Soft top Laird 11' 6". Windsurfable (has a center slot for the mast).

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