Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nose Ride on Crescent Lake

Ready to try a nose ride? Stand up paddleboarding got you down? Al Paterson has the answer. And it looks like fun. Al is on a SUP stand up paddle board behind a boat on Crescent Lake, Oregon. You can read about Crescent Lake paddling or other places to paddle near Bend, Oregon. I asked Al a few questions that might interest anyone else ready to cross nose-ride off of their bucket list.

How fast is the boat going?
15 - 20 mph.

What's your board length?
This SUP board is an 11'6. A shorter board will let you work the wake better with a bigger bow wave. The longer board was great for his little wave.This boat didn't have a big wake so that I couldn't really let go of the rope as I wasn't carrying a paddle.

What speed did the boat start at to get you going?
One mph is all you need.

Any other tips?
Ride with a short rope and start right behind the boat.

Thanks Al for your info -- Note from Cristina: Be careful not to do this behind a exposed boat prop.
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