Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wood Standup Paddle Boards by Captain Sawdust

Imagine yourself paddling the pristine river on a natural wood board or surfing likeThe Duke on a wood plank. A beautiful moment out in Mother Nature on a handmade wood surf board might evoke visions of Duke Kahanamoku slicing through the waters of the Hawaiian archipelago. This dream can now be a reality. Captain Sawdust (aka Bob Jumper) of Bend, Oregon, puts nature and soul into his beautiful, handmade wooden standup paddleboards, a craft rooted in the Hawaiian tradition of wood surf boards.

Before he moved to Bend, the Captain lived and surfed on Kona for 20 years. Inspired by a lifetime love of wood and water, Captain Sawdust builds wood hollow cedar-stripped Stand Up Paddle boards. After building a cedar-stripped canoe and kayak, he began making SUP wood boards. The first SUP crafted by the Captain is a 10’6” board; he’s working on two 12’ boards that should be on the water by August.

The boards are hollow with an internal stringer and frames (think airplane wing). The cedar planks are milled down to 3/8 inch in thickness and glued together to form the deck and bottom. The rails are made of laminated cork. Once everything is put together and shaped, a layer of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth and multiple coats of epoxy are applied. Fine artisan touches distinguish each board so no two are the same; from the unique grain of the wood used to the custom koa or purpleheart tail block design.

Watch for the Captain on Friday afternoons on the Deschutes River or at Elk Lake this summer when the snow melts. Commission a board from him and your dream will become a reality. Contact the Captain at

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  1. Do you sell the plans to the SUP boards?