Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heat and UV Damage to Your Board - It's in the Bag

UV light and heat can damage your surfboard and stand up paddle board. Don't worry about the exposure your board is getting when you're in the water. The usual UV protectants added to high quality surfboard clear coat resins are adequate for the typical gloss board. (Soft top board coverings are especially durable.) Most people have problems arise because of the way they are storing and transporting boards. The UV light isn't the only culprit, the heat of the sun can cause unforeseen issues.

Here are some tips to remember for safe transport and storage:
  • Long trips on the top of your vehicle add up to hours of unrelenting sun exposure, purchase a board bag designed for travel. Not only will your board be protected from the sun, excessive heat and flying road gravel, you won't have to scrape dead bugs off your board before you can paddle.
  • Do not wrap the board in plastic or bubble wrap -- The greenhouse effect created by the sun can cause the temperature to build up to a point that the board may delaminate.
  • Store the board inside, under cover and dry. Big temperature fluctuations from hot to freezing temperatures (for those of us in the colder climes) stress the materials.
We sell board bags for your SUP for $180., $190., or $200. depending upon the length of your board. Check out our Accessories page on our website

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