Thursday, July 24, 2008

SUP Tips From Flatwater to Surf

When you can't get on the water, you can still pickup a few Stand Up Paddle surf tips from the comfort of your couch. Stand Up Paddleboarding Instructional DVD from REAL has been a popular pick with members of the Standup community. Randall viewed this DVD and says that it's great for beginners. We'd love to hear some of your comments about this DVD. Here's what the DVD covers (according to the producers):

"GEAR Board Types, Board Constructions, Fin Choices, Paddles, Deckpads, Wax, Leashes, Wetsuits, Booties, Sun Protection. GEAR SET UP Proper Wax Choice and Application, Installing your Standup Deckpad, Installing Leash and Fin, Choosing your Paddle, Paddle Sizing. THE BASICS Standing Up, Proper Stance, Holding Paddle, Paddling Technique, Using Paddle to Balance, How to Fall. FIRST SESSION Flatwater Session, Basics Review, Finding the Sweet Spot, Advanced Paddling Techniques, Turning Techniques. WAVE SESSION Flatwater Review, Paddling over Whitewater, Waiting for Waves, Catching Waves, Riding Waves, Exiting Waves, Falling in the Surf. BONUS SECTION Standup Etiquette, Jimmy Lewis Surf and Standup Paddleboards, REAL BVI Slideshows, Cape Hatteras Bonus Footage."

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