Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pacific City - Surfing SUP

The familiarity you develop with your Standup Paddle surf board on flat water is a big head start if you decide to learn to ocean surf (or switch from long or short-board surfing to SUP).

The Bend, Oregon, Stand up Paddle community is a fun-loving bunch -- and they love to travel. Here are some photos Judy Shasek sent from a recent trip to Pacific City (Cape Kiwanda), Oregon, (about a 4 hour drive from Bend, OR).

Pacific City has a wide beach and cars are allowed to park on the sand in front of and to the north of the Pelican Brew Pub. If you don't want to walk with your board like Paul VanCamp is with his Big Board Schlepper, you can drive your car onto the beach like Ed Shasek. Judy is a new SUP surfer. I love the attitude she's got on for her photo, crouched down and ready for action!!

Note from Judy Shasek: "I got some of the coolest rides of my life and thank you ALL for the SUP support from my first shaky day on the river. Ed scored some rides and turns – so did Peter and Suzie and Paul. We enjoyed pure sunshine on Sat and enjoyed 4/5 neoprene on 55 degrees and foggy Sunday – yet both days the waves were small but fun!"
We've blogged about Pacific City before. For details about where to stay, Read More.

Get your Standup gear on our website. You may already have a board and want to add another for specific types of paddling. Randall Barna can tell you the best gear to buy for your conditions and skills whether you're a flat water to surf paddler, or mostly a flatwater paddler.
Photos of paddlers include Susie Miller (green on wetsuit), Ed Shasek, Judy Shasek and Paul Van Camp.

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