Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stand up paddling in winter? Absolutely!

Quiksilver 3mm Long John
Once you get hooked on stand up paddling, it’s really tough to go without it when the weather cools down. But with the right gear, you don’t have to,  Here’re some items of clothing that will allow you to enjoy stand up paddling during the colder months without freezing your buns off…

The Quiksilver 3mm Long John is an arms free wetsuit that keeps the core warm while maintaining freedom of movement in the upper body and eliminating a spring effect. The Quiksilver Long John is warm enough to help you if you go in the water but not so much wetsuit that you’ll overheat.

Roxy Syncro
Stand Up Paddle Jacket 
A great addition to a Long John to complete a full neoprene outfit is a paddle jacket. For women, we carry the Syncro Stand Up Paddle Jacket by Roxy.  For men, we have the Paddle Jacket by Quiksilver. Both can be worn without a Long John in the spring when the water warms up and feature a front zipper which allows venting if paddlers heat up.

O'Neill SUP Booties
As for footwear, for flatwater paddling, we recommend O’Neill 7 mm Round Toe Booties. With these, your feet don’t even feel the cold. The O'Neill Heat 7MM Round Toe Booties feature high quality Fluid Foam throughout the interior and exterior, along with durable glued and blindstitched seams, an anti-flush shin strap, a torsion control forefoot, and a durable textured rubber sole for traction and long lasting effectiveness.

ZKG Water Shoes by Zhik
For those lucky enough to live in climates where it doesn’t really get that cold, or for fall and spring, you might be able to get away with the new ZKG Water Shoes by Zhik.  

We live in Bend, Oregon, where the winter is long and there isn’t much spring, so we carefully select items that allow us to extend our paddling season. We hope other paddlers enjoy using them as much as we do.

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  1. This is so true, I have a hard time convincing people that SUP can be done everywhere not just the ocean, nevermind all year round. Thanks for putting up more proof that paddleboarding can be done anywhere, anytime of the year!