Friday, December 2, 2011

ULI Boards Added to Lineup

We’re super pumped to announce the addition of ULI Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to our lineup.

It’s important to us that we offer our customers the best possible boards in every category and when it comes to inflatables, you can’t beat ULI. They are the OG inflatable board company, with over eight years of experience, research, and testing. What's more, they're focused exclusively on inflatable boards.

ULI Inflatable Paddle Surf Board in Action
We often meet potential stand up paddlers who are reluctant to invest in their own equipment due to limited storage space. We also meet paddlers who want boards they can easily travel long distances with. ULI Boards can be packed into a standard duffel bag, meeting the needs of both groups. They’re also great for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of loading and unloading a big and heavy board from the roof of a car.
Once inflated, ULI Boards are hard to distinguish from regular boards and rigid enough to handle some of the most challenging waves. They can be deflated after each use for easy storage, or kept inflated and rigid for months and then deflated before travel.

A bonus benefit of ULI Boards is that their buoyancy makes them very easy to both paddle and surf. In fact, they can be used to ride even very shallow waves.

ULI Boards were Invented by a longtime surfer and refined by years of research and testing. Each one is handmade with the same sturdy material used in military inflatable boats, making them extremely durable yet also lightweight and maneuverable.

We’re thrilled to have such an awesome solution for our many customers who want to travel with their boards or have storage issues.

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