Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riviera Paddlesurf Dealer of the Year

Golden Nugg Award from Rivera Paddlesurf
We're proud to have been named 2011 Dealer of the Year for our region by Riviera Paddlesurf.  Check out the cool "award" they gave us, the Golden Nugg, a 9'2" paddle surfboard.  It might just have to come to Mexico with us the next time we go.

While we're talking about Riviera, we might as well mention one of their new 2012 boards that we think will be ver popular, the 12'6" Coastal Cruiser by Ron House.  It's an all around board that leans toward flat water but also performs well in the surf for a 12'6" board.   It's also very inexpensive for a 12'6" board... and we're shipping it for free.

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