Monday, October 17, 2011

Limited Edition Hinano KIALOA Paddles

KIALOA Hinano Toro
Geo Red

KIALOA Hinano Methane
Geo Green
In the spirit of Laulima (teamwork), our friends at KIALOA have once again joined creative forces with 50 + year old Tahitian brewery turned lifestyle apparel manufacturer Hinano to produce two limited edition stand up paddles: the Methane Hinano Geo Green and the Toro Hinano Geo Red. Each one features Hinano's beloved Vahine logo which represents the beauty and mystery of Tahiti. 

The Methane is one of KIALOA's best selling paddles and the Toro is KIALOA's killer new race paddle. For a limited time only, they're both now available with the awesome, iconic Hinano logo. Collector's item status for sure. With the exception of a one-of-a-kind custom made by Dave Chun (which only people like Gerry Lopez and Chuck Patterson are lucky enough to have), these are a couple of the coolest paddles you can find.

To get your hands on the Hinano Methane and/or the Hinano Toro, visit us online or at the shop. For more info on the features and benefits of the Methane and the Toro in terms of design and construction, check out their product pages at our online store or come by the shop. 


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