Friday, October 28, 2011

Introducing ZKG Marine Footwear by 
Zhik (a.k.a. the SUP shoe)...

ZKG Stand Up Paddle Shoe by Zhik

You no longer have to worry about what to do with your shoes when you're paddling.

The ZKG by Zhik is a highly technical amphibious shoe that is very lightweight and comfortable. Made of perforated neoprene, the ZKG has just the right amount of cushioning, toe protection, flexibility, and grip to make it awesome for stand up paddling.

ZKG footwear is suitable for a wide range of water activities. And it's just as comfortable, functional and stylish worn everday on the street!

Perfect for extending your paddling season into fall without the hassle of booties.  However, if you plan to paddle in the dead of winter and live in a colder climate, a pair of wetsuit booties would be a better bet.

The ZKG is made by Zhik, an Australian company with a long history of combining style and material science to make high performance sailing apparel. Zhik's products are the choice of Olympic and world champions. 

The ZKG by Zhik is available online and in store now.  

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