Friday, October 8, 2010

Surftech Blacktip Now Available Online and In Store... $749 out the door with a paddle and a leash!

We searched high and low for a stand up paddle board in the $700 range we’d feel comfortable selling… and we finally found one.

Surftech Blacktip is a great intro board. It performs well. It’s super-durable. And most importantly, it’s extremely affordable - $749 out the door with a paddle and a leash!

The Blacktip is a board we can feel good about selling… and you can feel good about buying. Here’s why:

  • It’s manufactured by Surftech, a company known for its fine craftsmanship, revolutionary construction methods, and overall commitment to excellence.

  • It has a stiff core and three stringers to prevent the buckling and flexing that's a big problem with other soft boards.

  • With its damage-resistant bumpers and water-barrier seal, the Blacktip is ultra-durable.

  • The thoughtfully designed shape delivers very good stability and speed for the price.

  • The strength and durability factor make it a fantastic choice for the rapidly growing number of whitewater SUPers.

  • With its smooth nose rocker, the Blacktip is a blast in small surf.

  • It’s great for kids – very difficult to damage.

  • It’s nice to have on hand for family and friends.

  • It’s super-light and very easy to transport. 

We’re thrilled that Surftech has released a quality board at such a friendly price point! Come on in and check it out. Or buy the Surftech Blacktip now at our secure online store. Free shipping. No sales tax.

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