Thursday, October 21, 2010

Danny Ching Stand Up Paddle Technique DVD Review

We’re receiving tons of positive feedback about the Danny Ching DVD (Mastering Stand Up Paddle Technique with Danny Ching)! Although the instructional portion isn’t that long, it’s high on killer and fairly low on filler. Even experienced SUPers report shaving minutes off their times after just one viewing… which isn’t surprising considering they’re employing tips from a dude who not only won both Battles of the Paddle and the Ta-hoe Nalu race this year, he’s also an OC-1 world champion, the first non-Hawaiian to win the 32-mile Molokai to Oahu race, and a former member of the US Olympic kayak team. He spends a minimum of 4 hours in the water 360 days of the year and grew up surfing in Redondo Beach. Oh, and his father founded California’s largest outrigger canoe club. Yup, if he’s willing to share his technique, I’m in. Everyone who’s bought the DVD says it’s way worth the money.

We like the interview with shaper Ron House that’s included as a bonus feature. In it, he mentions that race boards are great for cruising and needn’t be looked at as a competitor-only item. He says if you’re not doing much surfing, a race board is a better choice than a surf/all around board. We second that! The rocker that’s a primary feature in most surf-optimized boards is unnecessary on flat water where maneuverability is much less of a priority than it is on a wave. On flat water, excessive rocker just slows you down. Who wants to push water?

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Here’s the Ron House interview if you want to check it out…

And here's the full Danny Ching Stand Up Paddle DVD Trailer....

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