Monday, October 20, 2008

Surf Photographer Grant Myrdal's Beautiful Photos

Most all of us have cameras and take photos. Sometimes a photo is so good, we even surprise ourselves. But even then, the photos don't usually transcend the medium. Last month I went to Grant Myrdal's slide show presentation of his work including all types of work that we normally don't see of his. I was so blown away. His work has a mystical, transcendent beauty. What he can do with water is astounding. He doesn't use digital, he's still a film artist. Please take a moment to look at Grant's website. Along with his surf photos you'll see gorgeous landscapes including some of the Deschutes River in Oregon.

Grant is a famous surf photographer and an amazing artist. We are so lucky that Grant decided to move to Central Oregon. He set up a fantastic slide show September 3rd that was hosted by Pine Mountain Sports in Bend, Oregon. Here is a recent photo of his that was published in Surfer's Journal. Click here purchase Grant Myrdal's prints and see more of his work.

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