Thursday, October 23, 2008

14' Standup Paddle Boards - Racing & Touring

Take a look at a 14' foot paddle race boards and it challenges the usual definition of an SUP. Is this 14' long surfboard a watercraft, surfer, racer or adventure touring board? These SUP boards certainly have the heritage of a surfboard, like a giant "big gun," but the intention is open water and ocean racing and touring. In the old days surf contests were all about prone paddling, so now the sport is returning to it's island roots. Then, the fastest glide and speed would get you between islands and to next surf break before the tide turned. I can't wait to paddle one of these beauties!

The legendary paddle board shaper, Joe Bark has shaped a new 14' stand up paddle board racing / touring design for Surftech and it will be available next spring. The above flyer has the information and specs. The boards have a glossy white bottom and yellow or red decks.

The trend in SUP paddles has been towards the smaller blade (depending on your stand up paddle board speed). Pair this board with the Kialoa Shaka Pu'u paddle. For women paddlers or small (less muscular) men paddlers, I suggest you buy the Kialoa Methane paddle.

Another good reason to buy  your racing SUP boards at Stand Up Paddle Flatwater in Bend, Oregon is because Oregon doesn't have sales tax. To be guaranteed to get a Joe Bark Expedition 14', let me know now so I can set one aside for you.

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