Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gerry Lopez Interview on SUP Surf Mag

Hometown hero, Gerry Lopez is interviewed about his elite Stand up Paddle event, Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle race. It's a great interview with Barrett Tester and Gerry Lopez on SUP Surf Here's the link to the page with the interview.

Gerry has a lot to say about the resurgence of SUP as a exciting sport. He has a lot to say about standup paddling as well as mentioning our local Stand Up Paddle Bend group of river and lake paddlers. Thanks for the mention, Gerry! One thing Gerry said that was news to me was this bit about the history of surfing: "Surfing contests in the beginning were all paddle races and they evolved into what people see now with people riding waves. . ." Lopez explained that this SUP contest is not the average "surf" contest. "We could have a wave contest, but a race would be a lot more fun and easy for the people watching it to understand."

The Battle of the Paddle event includes a $25,000. purse. That's enough to motivate a fitness program! Maybe we'll see some of our local group at a race like this next year!

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