Saturday, June 21, 2008

Surfing the High Desert - The Source Weekly

All of you ripped hard core surf guys on the Deschutes River are real press magnets. Kevin Grove, a writer for the Source Weekly, the best freebie paper in Bend, Oregon, wrote a piece about our local group of Stand up Paddlers. He interviewed Randall Barna and Peter Miller along with Ron Thompson and Al Paterson. These guys always have something interesting (or funny) to say, and they didn't disappoint.

Our local group is a loose organization of about 45-50 paddlers. We are usually seen in gaggles numbering from around 6 to 15 folks. The variety of local paddle conditions along with the support of SUP industry leaders in the area stokes the passion for SUP on the High Desert.

Dave and Meg Chun (owners of Kialoa Paddles) and Gerry Lopez (our local surf celebrity), built businesses that are key players in the Standup Paddle world. Randall Barna started last year to stoke the sport both in the Northwest and online. Peter Miller has stepped in to rep gear. Randall is convinced that anybody who has ever surfed or had the dream of standing on a surf board can share in the surf passion as Standup Paddlers on the nearest flat water.

Here is one of my favorite quotes in the article:
"Ron Thompson paddles with his dog Lucie on his board. Living on the river, he saw the group out several times last year, decided it looked like a fun activity and signed on. "It's a really good full-body workout," said Thompson. "That is why we're all incredibly ripped," joked fellow paddler Al Peterson."
READ MORE on the Source Weekly site. The article is titled, Surfing the High Desert, Stand-up paddle surfing. . . page 34. OUTSIDE section.

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