Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Places to Paddle: Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

Summer is sort of finally here in the Northwest. Celebrating the end of school (for the kids) some of the Bend Standup Paddle crew went to Pacific City, Oregon, by Cape Kiwanda for the weekend. The weather was warm and the sun was out, you'd hardly even know you were at the Oregon Coast except that everybody in the water was sheathed in black neoprene and only the toughest weren't wearing gloves and hoods.

Pacific City has something for anyone that likes a scene. You won't find pristine wilderness beaches on the South side of the Cape (but you can look over the cape from the top of the dune at some beaches on the North side). Surfing south of Cape Kiwanda is a vibrant beach scene, except that all of the bikinis and board shorts are under wetsuits. You can watch the fishing dories skid onto the beach as they return with the morning's catch. Climb the Cape Kiwanda sand dune to the north, walk around the tidepools at the base of the dune or just sit on the patio of the Pelican Brew Pub and enjoy a handcrafted ale or stout. Some of us stayed at the Cape Kiwanda RV Resort, and others at the hotel next door, the Inn at Cape Kiwanda.

Pacific City is about a 4 hour drive from Bend, Oregon.

It's a great trip. Check out the waves on the Pelican Brew Pub Surf Cam

Here's what's going on in the photos:
  • Peter Miller is showing off The Big Board Schlepper. Not only does The Big Board Schlepper make getting to the beach easier, when the wind gusted, the Schlepper helped keep everything together and under control. Peter's paddle is a artisan made Kialoa.
  • RV Camping at Cape Kiwanda RV Resort.
  • Cape Kiwanda in the early morning. Note the trucks on the beach that trailer the fishing dories.
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