Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Lopez Stand up Paddle Board

Gerry Lopez surfboards are pure art. The shapes are no-nonsense function and derived from an heritage of experience thats unprecedented. It's rare that an athlete, performing at the pinnacle of their sport, also has the mastery to design and hand shape the equipment.

Gerry has stacks of surfboard orders from around the world and it takes months of planning to get one. I've teased about him ever getting around to make us some standup paddle boards. I think we're very fortunate to have Gerry share with us what he rides, that's aloha!

I talked with Gerry about the new standup paddle surf boards, here's the interview:
  • The two standup paddle boards you shaped are a 9'6" and a 10'2", why the two sizes?
Gerry- The two are exactly the same design, meant to do the same thing. The 10'2" is for bigger surfers. (I usually split light/heavy at 170#, I think this applies here too)

  • What type of standup paddle surfing are these boards meant for, they don't look like the noseriders in your longboard shapes?
Gerry- They're not noseriders, these boards are rippers!

The Gerry Lopez standup paddle surfboards are the highest performance SUP boards available.

Lopez's new Standup board is here! standuppaddlebend.com


  1. The boards are looking really nice. As I'm typing, I'm mind-surfing 4-6' steep and clean. Lovely.

  2. Why can't I get a response to my email? Does this board come with a pad to stand on? It seems most stand up's have large pads.