Sunday, January 27, 2008

Senior Standup Paddling - You're Not Too Old for this Sport!

Do an internet search on Standup Paddling and you'll find plenty of photos of gorgeous guys carving big waves and battling the surf. What you'll have a harder time finding is pictures of seniors getting water-time on a stand up paddle board. Well, don't think your time is past for learning to paddle. Stand up paddling on flat water is easy. You can learn in less than thirty minutes if the water is smooth and your board is stable. A stable board is long and wide with a lot of flotation.

If you still have doubts, here's a photo of Janelle Willett, 67 yrs. young. She's enjoying her first stand up paddle boarding lesson from her son Matt Willet. Thanks Matt for the photo.

Here are a few of the benefits of Standup Paddling:
  • Standup paddling is a low impact exercise.
  • Wear a heart monitor and you'll know when you're paddling fast enough to get an aerobic workout.
  • Falling is safer in this sport than many others.
  • Whether you're social or solitary you'll love this sport. Paddle with friends or find solitude on the water.
  • Buy a board with built-in carrying handles so it is easier to handle.
. . . . and best of all -- get on a stand up board and you'll make friends of all ages!

If you're interested in getting a friendly standup board for your conditions and abilities, contact for board sales advice.

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  1. Among the many benefits for ....ahem... 'older paddlers' seems to be improved balance. Last fall I bumped into a gentleman who had recently had a stroke (and he didn't even fall down!). He told me that one of the most difficult parts of his recovery work was in regaining his balance. He somehow decided to try stand up paddling and after 3 weeks felt that his balance was at least as good as it had ever been!