Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ke nalu E-Zine Features the Bend Scene

Freezing Your…Toes Off in Bend

Kenalu.com e-zine is Pono Bill's new venture. It's full of great stories, videos, and more. Check out the site. Here's an excerpt from the article he posted after Randall sent him an email about winter flatwater paddling in the Northwest. The photo is of Randall Barna and Ron Thompson on the Deschutes from another session. It was a toasty plus-32 degrees that day. (Thanks Peter Miller for the photo):

December 31, 2007

I knew it was really cold when I glanced down at my booties and saw the toes were ice crusted…

Bend, Oregon is famous for lunatics–on the mountain, in the desert, on skis and snowboards, in the whitewater and in the bars. One of the most infamous is Randy Barna, who sent us this by email:

Last Saturday my friend Eddy Miller and I had arranged to go for a paddle on the Deschutes. Ed is a mountain man who doesn’t like modern conveniences and is known for winter adventures like rafting the Grand Canyon. He was introduced to SUP at Elk Lake by friend Win Francis in the warmth of last summer so you think Ed would know better than to SUP all winter. Well, Ed was determined to go since he had paddled every day since he got his first SUP board from me last Tuesday and didn’t want to spoil his record. We couldn’t let the fact that it was only twenty-two degrees out influence us. I had to experience it and so did Win Francis.

We started at Aspen Camp launch. This stretch if the river is completely wilderness and very beautiful. Also, Ed likes it because. . . . . READ MORE


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