Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deck Traction - Wax & Sawdust Part 1.

Slipping off your board? A lot of standup boards come with a glossy deck and need something for traction. The traditional surfboard way is with a bar of wax. You rub it on the deck of the board until it builds up little bumps. This needs re-waxing regularly to restore the wax gripiness and the bumps. This way is very inexpensive and it leaves a nice patina on the deck of the board that shows your actually using it. It also allows the beautiful graphics of the board to show and aesthetically is very pleasing. I've got a board hanging on the wall as home decor. It has a lot of meaning to me, a Bill Barnfield that Bill gave me as his best man present in 1970. My wife said,"why don't you clean of that icky wax." My response was,"no way. . .the wax is part of that boards character.

But, wax has its downside. In hot climates it can melt and drip off the board or worse, onto your car! If you carry your board on your head fin-up you will get wax in your hair. If you stack boards on top of each other the wax transfers to the bottom of the other boards. If you lay a hot board wax side down in the sand it embeds the sand in the wax and you have a mess.

To remove wax the best way I've found is with sawdust. (or foam dust if you are around a board shaper) Grab a bunch of sawdust and rub it on the wax. If the wax is warmed in the sun it works better. The wax will stick to the sawdust and the more you do it the cleaner the board will be.


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