Thursday, August 4, 2011

Check out these awesome new early release 2012 SUP boards...

Amundson 11'4"
Stand Up Paddle Board
by Aquaglide
Amundson 11'4" TR
If you want the speed and glide of a race board but not the bulk, this board is for you. At just 27 pounds and 187 liters, the 11'4" TR is easy to manage on land, yet its raceboard-like design elements allow it to slice through water with maximum efficiency. It's the little sister of a 12'6" race board! If you don't plan on going to the surf, why compromise performance on flat water by going with an all-around board?

Amundson 10'6"
Amundson 10'6"
SUP Board by Aquaglide
If versatility is what your after, the new 10’6” is a dream. Its true cross-over design works for flat-water cruising for paddlers up to 160 pounds and is also great for surfing for paddlers up to 220 pounds. At 30” wide and 158 liters, it's very stable, making it easy to get out through the shore-break and paddle into waves. The narrow tail and three-fin set-up provide great maneuverability for wave riding, while retaining excellent tracking in flat-water.  

You could be one of the first paddlers in Bend to get your hands on one of these killer new boards! Come on by the shop and check them out today!! We haven't added them to the website since they're so new, but if you don't live in town and are interested, give us a call at 541.323.3355 or email us at

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