Friday, June 3, 2011

The Toro is Here! Introducing the New KIALOA Race SUP Paddle

Woohoo!  The Toro is here!  Designed by gifted paddle builder Dave Chun, specifically for racing, the Toro has been tested by elite SUP athletes like Chuck Patterson and Karen Wrenn (both of whom will be in Bend for the Bend Paddleboard Challenge on Saturday, June 18th).

Chuck Patterson testing the Toro - KIALOA's new race SUP.
Chuck will be in Bend to teach a Paddle with Pros
clinic with Karen Wrenn on Friday, June 17th. Sign up
The Toro’s tear-drop shaped blade is super-thin for clean, sharp entry. It features a pronounced “power-hook” at the tip for solid catch and adhesion, and a “power face” dihedral for stability through the water. Both the blade and the oval-shaped tapered shaft are made from a race-specific carbon fiber layup for strength, stiffness, lightness and speed. The Carbon Ergo-T top fits the shape of racer’s hands and helps orient the paddle easily.

The Toro Race SUP Paddle by KIALOA
The Toro is named after the sushi cut of the Blue Fin Tuna – one of the fastest finned fish in the ocean.  In true Dave fashion, he threatened to call this paddle the Hamster. I love that!

Anyway, if you want to be the fastest paddler on the water, the Toro is for you.

Order the KIALOA Toro race SUP at our online store now or drop by the shop and check it out.

Toro SUP Race Paddle Specs:
Surface Area: 107 in² 
Blade Width: 8 ¾  
Blade Length: 18" 
Blade Angle: 10 degrees

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