Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bark 14' Dominator is Here!

Want to Dominate the competition?

We're fired up about the arrival of the new Joe Bark 14' Dominator race board by Surftech.

Bark 14' Dominator Stand Up Paddle Race Board by Surftech
Bark 14' Dominator by Surftech
Probably the year’s most highly anticipated race board, the Dominator is set to be THE board for flat-water speed for many seasons to come. It also penetrates chop well, connects bumps with ease, and turns easily for its size. Most importantly, Bark incorporated extensive product testing to strike the perfect balance between speed and stability – a huge factor during long distance races when fatigue starts to set in. As a result, the Dominator is sure to live up to its name, delivering ultimate performance in long distance SUP races and flat-water sprints, and dominating the increasingly popular 14’ SUP racing class.

Another cool thing about the Dominator is that it works well for paddlers of many different sizes – leveling out the playing field a little more than is possible in the 12’6” category. Bark, who weighs 210 pounds himself, says paddlers as light as 130 pounds and as heavy as 250 pounds have been stoked on the Dominator. It's also a great board for paddlers who don’t have any interest in racing but enjoy touring and/or just going fast.

Bark 14' Dominator Stand Up Paddle Race Board by Surftech
Bark 14' Dominator Nose
Shape-wise, the Dominator resembles a missile. It has a piercing dome-shape displacement nose, a flat deck, nearly flat bottom, and a wide tail.

Built in Surftech’s new “Pro-Elite” lightweight performance construction (yes, Surftech has developed yet another revolutionary construction method), the Dominator weighs in at a mere 26 pounds. The deck has two layers of fiberglass and is reinforced with high-density sheet foam in heavy impact areas. The bottom has one layer of fiberglass combined with a full layer of carbon fiber. The early-release prototypes and demo boards had black bottoms but for the newer models, Surftech made the wise decision to paint the bottom with the same flame-like color scheme as the deck to deflect heat. Hand sanded and polished, the Dominator is good looking as well as fast.

Check out our video of the Bark 14' Dominator below:

If you want a Dominator, it'd be a really, really good idea to let us know now because supply is already limited and will only become more so later in the season...

Stay tuned for news on the rest of our 2011 race board lineup.

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  1. What a great looking board. Looks like it would be really fast on many different kinds of water.