Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perfect "I Only Have an Hour" SUP Paddle in Bend, Oregon

Our new favorite place to launch from for a quick stand up paddle session of about an hour is from the new Riverbend Park across from the Old Mill District and up river from the Colorado Bridge. The sandy beach launch is at a wide and slower place in the river that makes it easier to get on the board and get going. 

If you want a workout, start with a warm up downstream, the fitness part upstream, then a cool down going downstream:
  • Go downriver first to the Colorado Bridge, turn around at the danger signs and floats then continue back upriver past the Riverbend Park and continue to the Healy Bridge (you'll go under several walking bridges on the way). You'll know you're at the Healy Bridge because the river narrows and gets small rapids. Just upriver of the bridge is a nice wide spot for turning around. 
  • Turn around and go back to the half-way mark (Riverbend Park). Some paddlers will do laps of the river with this system.
During Summer when the water is much warmer, a lot of SUP paddlers like to play in the riffles upriver from the Healy Bridge. It's a great social and fitness paddle. Here's what the Bend Parks and Rec has to say about the new park:
Riverbend Park, on the Deschutes River in Bend, OR
pppsm.jpg13.1 acres
799 SW Columbia Street

Completed in 2009, Riverbend Park is a special community gathering place that celebrates the Deschutes River, provides a special events venue, provides public river access and conserves the native riparian landscape. This riverfront park features large open lawn areas, a sandy beach, public restrooms, a picnic shelter and fully accessible walking trails. Riverbend Park is also home to BPRD's district office and community room. The park was designed to accommodate larger events and can be reserved for a variety of uses.
The Deschutes River Trail connections traveling through the park include a 10-foot wide paver path and an adjacent soft surface running trail.  From here, connections can be made to Farewell Bend Park across the river and upstream to the south canyon walking trails (From the Bend Parks and Rec website)

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