Friday, March 19, 2010

Join the Bend, Oregon Stand Up Paddle Group

Yesterdays Bend Bulletin featured a Standup Paddler on the front page! Many of us Bend, Oregon stand up paddlers have been getting out and enjoying the mild weather and SUP paddling this spring already.

I've heard from Tim Walston that Wickiup reservoir is totally clear of any snow or ice and open for paddling now. April and May are the best months for stand up paddling down-wind runs at Wickiup. The trip from Gull Point boat ramp to Wickiup Butte boat ramp is 8.33 miles and you definitely get wind-wave rides along the way. Later into June the water level recedes and it's not as good.

I'll be sending out a notice when it looks warm enough for our usual Friday at 4:30 gatherings.  We launch from the paved parking lot just south of Alder Creek Kayak by the Bend Outrigger Canoes. We stand up paddle upstream past the Healy Bridge to the rapids and back. Newcomers are welcome on this casual, social gathering. Bring your own beverages for afterward.

New this year will be free Tuesday and Thursday morning Fitness stand up paddles at 7:30 a.m from the new River Bend Park (the PPP launch).  This will involve a ten minute warmup in the park before speed-paddling the Old Mill Stretch. Various fitness instructors will direct the warmup,  including me. My sessions will be featuring Jack Gillen's Wave Chi Hawaiian Surf Clubs.  If you would like to direct, e-mail me back and we'll  schedule it (hey Jen!).

There will be a lot of stand up paddle races scheduled this year around Bend, Oregon, and we want to get in shape for them. The big races to plan for are the Odell Lake Pioneer Cup, July 31st and the Tahoe Nalu, Aug 21, 22. We're also planning fun races at Elk Lake and on The Old Mill stretch.  There will be a number of races in The Gorge this summer too.

Please e-mail me if you had any adventures this winter you want to share for our blog.

See You on the Water,
Randall Barna

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