Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Reasons Standup Paddling is Big in Bend, Oregon

Whats going on in Bend, Oregon to create such a standup paddle attraction? Paddle boarders are seen everyday on the Deschutes River through the Old Mill District. (And ending up in tourist's photos). Trips to the different Cascade Lakes like Elk Lake, Hosmer Lake, Cultus Lake, Sparks Lake and others (all within an hour of Bend, Oregon) are easy to do and a great way to hang with friends while you get a great workout. Here's why I think Bend, Oregon is only going to get more popular as a stand up paddle boarding destination:

1. The dignitaries, Gerry Lopez Surfboards and Kialoa Paddles call this place home.

2. The places to paddle. In town we have the huge gathering spot to see and be seen paddling the Deschutes river through the Old Mill District. It's a beautiful 3 mile loop and daily workout. Fifteen minutes upstream on the Cascade Lakes Highway we have two stretches of wilderness paddling, one 3.5 mile loop and the other a 4.5 mile loop. In another direction fifteen minutes south of Bend on Hwy 97 we access 35 miles of the Deschutes river flatwater with easy access to many take-outs and car shuttles. The natural scenery, flora and fauna are amazing. The Cascades Lakes Hwy is a National Scenic Byway, also known as Century Drive, a 100 mile loop with nine lakes that are notable for standup paddling. Everything from moonlight mirror to big wave downwinders.

3. The people. Bend is full of athletes and endorphine junkies. Everyone lives here because they love it, not just because. They care for the environment and are always looking for a way to enjoy nature without motors. And we're a very friendly bunch!

Come to Bend, Oregon for your summer SUP paddle boarding vacation. Drop by to join our Friday 4:30 paddle at the Bend River Outrigger Club grassy area (on the South side of the Colorado Bridge). You'll meet new friends and get the best local knowledge about where to paddle that week. And buy a Deschutes Paddle Trail River Guide and you'll have the best paddle trip information at your fingertips.

See you on the water!
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