Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jack Gillen's New Video Trailer for Wave Chi Hawaiian Clubs

Jack Gillen, owner of www.WaveChi.com, is a teacher, thinker, athlete and entrepreneur living in Kona, Hawaii. He helped us get our local Bend, Oregon crowd stoked on stand up paddle boarding a couple of years ago. We love Jack and are always fascinated by the places his curious intellect takes him. His latest enthusiasm is a training method combining ancient Indian Clubs (from the same country that brought us Yoga) and Hawaiian surf based movements in exercises that benefit stand up paddling and most any other sport where your arms and shoulders are getting worked.

Jack sells Wave Chi Hawaiian Surf Clubs you can order from him at canoe@hawaii.rr.com.

Take a look at Jack's video

Thank you for buying your SUP gear from us, we appreciate your support.

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