Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thanks John for the Great Report

John and Kathy of PaddleSurf.net visited Bend, Oregon this summer. They were paddling on the Deschutes River on a Friday afternoon, the same time our local Stand up paddle group meets for a 4:30 evening paddle. Randall and I (Cristina) were paddling upriver and introduced ourselves to them. We got to chatting and discovered that we were both SUP bloggers, and we read each others blogs! What great luck. John and Kathy are fun people and we enjoyed our time with them. We also discovered that if you're planning any kind of surf trip or SUP trip south of the border, the PaddleSurf.net blog is the place for the info you need for a safe trip. Here's an excerpt from John Ashleys report about his visit to Bend, Oregon:

It's so beautiful in Bend that you begin to take it for granted. You're cruising the highway along a clear, running river there's sapphire lakes everywhere- each one harboring ridiculous paddling potential. The weather's warm, there's blue skies and the great silent openness that seems to wrap up big pine forests.

Give yourself a couple of days in Bend, Oregon and you just start to expect that there'll be something miraculous around that next curve in the road. Like I said, you started to take it for granted. Until, once again, Bend serves up something deliciously unexpected (bacon covered dates... maybe?) that takes your breathe away again. That's the kind of place Bend is and that's why you need to go there with your board and paddle in hand. Bend is enchanting, it's truly a flat water, stand up paddling playground. READ MORE. . . .


  1. Hey Guys-

    Thanks for hosting us all around Bend- you're home really is a flat water paradise. We'll definitely be back- Hosmer is calling us!

    If you're ever down in San Diego and want to see what we've got going on definitely get in touch with us and we'll get you into some fun stuff!

    Thanks again,

    John and Kathy Ashley

    ps: I wrote that piece- Big Chad just wishes he could paddle Bend- and he probably will since his wife in an Oregon native- and she already LOVES Bend!

  2. Hi John -- fixed the title -- sorry about the mistake. We'd LOVE to SUP in WARM water! Thanks for the invite. Hi to Kathy!