Monday, September 15, 2008

The 6th Rogue Gathering Longboard Classic Results on the Oregon Coast

A group of us SUP surfers from Bend, Oregon traveled to Newport, Oregon to compete in the annual longboard classic and Stand up Paddle surf contest called The Gathering, hosted by the Rogue Brewery every September. The weather was windy and sunny and sometimes foggy in the early morning. The surf was small to overhead. Handcrafted brew, hot coffee and BBQ burgers kept all of surfers and audience happy. The announcers and judges did a great job making this 6th annual event, The Gathering a friendly, fun event for everyone from novice to expert.

This past Sept. 6 and 7th at The 6th Annual Rogue Gathering the SUP standup paddle class grew in one year from six to sixteen entries! This was enough for three heats, two for men and one for women. The two men's heats led to the top six for the finals heat. It was a really fun event.

The gals were all beginner SUP surfers from Bend: Judy Shasek, Susie Miller, Isabella Acosta Barna and Cristina Acosta. With the exception of Isabella (who won first), they mostly got stomped in wind gusts in the 24 mph range and the biggest waves this group of gals had ever been in. The good news is that they showed up and filled the top 6 places, so they all got a plaque!

For camping and other info, check out our prior blog entry.

Thanks to Michael Carpenter and Randall Barna for video footage and Isabella Acosta Barna and Randall Barna for editing the movie.

Thanks to Ron Church's estate for the photo art and Penny Murie of Medusa Design for creating a cool & groovy poster with Ron Chruch's surf photo. Penny Murie is also the Rogue Brewery label artist.

The Results for the 6th annual The Gathering Annual Longboard Classic surf contest hosted by Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon are:

Stand Up Paddle SUP Gals (all ages, which happened to be 14 to 59): 1st - Isabella Acosta Barna; 2nd Cristina Acosta; 3rd Judy Shasek; 4th Susie Miller
Longboard Gals:
Menahunes w/Parent (12 & under): 1st - Kaya Linn Remmers; 2nd Izzy Martinez-Ybor; 4th Savannah Russo
Gals Under 25: 1st - Olivia Schroeder, 2nd Haley Richards
Gals Over 25: 1st - Carly Dye, 2nd Kristin Lovett, 3rd Nelly Daanslow; 4th Skylar Bieraugel; 5th Lisa Field; 6th Jessica Dumoulin

Stand Up Paddle SUP Guys (all ages): 1st Tony Stein; 2nd Ken Wilson; 3rd Mike Field; 4th Ollie & Bella (the dog) Richardson; 5th Randall Barna; 6th Peter Miller
Longboard Guys:
Menahunes w/Parent: 3rd Woodrow Mayer; 5th Wynslow Mayer; 6th Joey Swan
Gremmies (13-19): 1st Travis Cockcroft; 2nd Kevin Sennewald; 3rd David Klistoff; 4th Laird Tuel; 5th Brandon Cotte
Boys (20-29): 1st Ollie richardson; 2nd Patrick Mason; 3rd Mattie Starr; 4th Jedi Jonny Knape; 5th Louie Golar; 6th Jeff Guggenheim
Hot Shots (30-39): 1st Nathan Smith; 2nd John Bieraugel; 3rd Tor Rockness; 4th Travis Prince; 5th Larz Richardson; 6th Ken Wilson
Mid Life Cruisers (40-49): 1st Patrick Crotty; 2nd Rob Russo; 3rd Mike Tuel; 4th Nolan West; 5th Brad Miller; 6th Joe Stoops
Dukes (50-59): 1st Bill Bourdon, 2nd Phil Rovai; 3rd Ray Benner; 4th Tony Stein; 5th Spike Richardson; 6th Bill Delanty
Grand Dukes (60-69): 1st Danny Anderson; 2nd Nick Parry; 3rd Peter Miller; 4th Bix Weir; 5th Michael Harrington; 6th Fred Sickler

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