Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Standup Paddle Edge Guard

Paddle protection is a good idea to prevent damage to your paddle, board and even your body!
  • Black tape around the edge keeps from scratching the paddle.

Mastic tape is better and protects the board too. Mastic is rubber and about 1/16" thick.

The best protection I've seen is Paddle Guard (TM) from Surfco Hawaii.

Paddle Guard is specifically designed for paddle edges and is a molded shape for hydrodynamics. It's extremely durable and provides more protection than anything else. It slightly changes the balance of the paddle but barely noticeable in weight. The self installation kit runs $25 at

We think Paddle Guard is such a good idea that we're having a Paddle Guard party this Friday, May 9th, 2008 at our business location in Bend, Oregon. We're offering a special party price to introduce everyone to this new product. After this event, the price is $25.00 for the kit. Call us and let us know if you want to come so we can have enough Paddle Guards for everyone. 541-389-4547

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