Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ask Randall: Leash Length

Dear Randall,
I paddle a 12' board. Why do you sell 10' or 12' leashes when everybody else is selling 6' or 8' leashes? Doesn't the extra length cause drag in the water?

Dear Tim,
The only time I've noticed drag is when I get seaweed or lakeweed hung up on my leash. That's a small annoyance considering what can happen if your leash is too short. Besides, a little water weed shakes off easily when you jerk on your leash cord.

The purpose of the leash is to save your life or somebody elses, don't get hung up on drag. The three situation when you need a leash are:
  • Surf
  • Wind
  • Current
Guess what happens when you're ready to nose ride your 12' board and your leash is only 6' long. Even if you're not in the surf, it's fun to try a nose-pivot turn in flatwater. Either way you need the length in your leash.

Even more important is the wipe out factor. How close do you want to be to your 12' board when you're tumbling with it in the surf? I'll take a long leash any day.

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