Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cold Feet

OK, so the weather’s warm enough here in Bend to paddleboard in trunks some days.  Yay! 

However, the early season hot weather doesn’t mean the water’s warmed up.

O'Neill Heat Booties
O'Neill 7mm Heat Booties
If you’re like me and don’t enjoy chilly toes, your tootsies might appreciate a pair of SUP booties. With the 7 mm Heat Booties by O’Neill, you can paddle even on not so hot days and your feet won’t even feel the cold.  Plus, they offer protection from the rocks you might be launching from.  They can really extend your SUP season and keep you paddling way into the fall.

ZKG Water Shoe by Zhik
ZKG Water Shoe by Zhik
Another option is the new ZKG Shoe by Zhik.  The ZKGs offer less insulation but look cool and can be worn on the street too.

Try ‘em.  Your feet will thank you.


  1. Thanks for sharing useful info on virtually identical, here i got lots of knowledge about it.!

    1. Water is getting COLD around here again.