Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Congratulations Judy!

10 years ago yesterday, Stand Up Padde Bend team rider Judy Shasek was declared cancer free. At 7:00 yesterday morning, Judy stood up on her board in the Deschutes River and began paddling from the spillway to the rapids just upstream of Bill Healy Memorial Bridge and back. To celebrate her decade of health, Judy paddled 10 laps of this circuit 10 times before the sun set.

Judy, who is 61, wore 61 ribbons inscribed with names of fellow cancer survivors as well as people who are currently fighting to overcome the disease. Friends and family members joined her for a lap or two here and there, cheered her on from the shore, and gathered at the finish to congratulate her on completing the roughly 33-mile journey well ahead of schedule.

Although the temperature was below 60 degrees for most of the day, Judy reported feeling relaxed and comfortable during her paddle, and exhilarated at the end. “I don’t feel tired at all,” she said. “In fact, I could do more.”

Members of the community who had contributed ribbons for Judy to wear were visibly touched to see the names of their loved ones on her shirt. Judy provided shining proof that it is possible to become healthy again and stay that way. She’s an inspiration. Thank you Judy!

Judy's SUP Karmathon appeared on KOHD News last night.

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  1. Thanks Chip and Lainey for all the help and support. It's great to have StandUpPaddle Bend here in town to create a community "home" for all of us who love the OR waters - be they lakes, rivers or ocean.