Friday, June 11, 2010

Things are changing, including the weather!

Hi Everyone,
I think Summer will finally offer a sample this weekend! Please join in for our routine paddle gathering this evening @ 4:30 at the paved parking lot by the Bend Outrigger Canoes and Alder Creek Kayak. It's near the Colorado Bridge at the North end of the Old Mill stretch of the Deschutes. Newcomers are welcome, just ask around for the evenings host (today it's Me) and I'll introduce you to folks and explain the route and any submerged hazards. If you're late, no problem you'll catch the group on the way back and be there at the finish for an adult beverage and "talk story."

The big news is today I will introduce everyone the the new owners and operators of StandupPaddleFlatwater, StandupPaddleBend, and They will continue to honor the heritage of this sport as Hawaiian. Created on the volcano islands, yet there's a strong link to us in Bend as we do it here on the lava-formed rivers and lakes. Chip Booth and his wife Lainey will take the helm and the seamless transition will offer the same great products and service as before. Chip and Lainey have more stoke and enthusiasm for Standup Paddling than I, and that's saying a lot. Chip has surfing in his soul and has lived the lifestyle. His other company Booth Pacific Films has taken him around the world filming surf films, snowboard films and off-road racing, both auto and motorcycle. Chip also builds his own Standup Paddleboards and will show them in the shop along with other new and exciting merchandise. Lainey has a variety of business skills and is newer to the sport, Chip and Lainey were recently married, but she's gained the knowledge quickly and will certainly empathize with other women and newcomers in understanding how to negotiate a SUP board! Their SUP board shop will be the first and only specialty Standup Paddle Board shop in the Pacific NW, they will have a strong internet presence and you can bet there will be a lot of video embedded as well! You will get notices soon of the location and a bunch of events and gatherings. Also, the schedule of new arrivals of long awaited boards, like the Hobie Race 12'6" and the Surftech Bark 14'.

Cristina, Isabella and I appreciate all the kind words we've gotten from you local paddlers. Also, the loyalty and support getting the whole SUP thing going around here. You'll still see us paddling as much as ever, we'll help Chip and Lainey with all their promotions, and we'll be having fun! As Always!

Randall Barna

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